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ANSI API RP 17G:2006 pdf download

ANSI API RP 17G:2006 pdf download.Recommended Practice for Completion/Workover Risers.
BOP adapter joint BOP spanner joint
tubing hanger orientation joint
specialized C/WO riser joint used when the C/WO riser is deployed inside a drilling riser and subsea BOP to install and retrieve an orientated subsea tubing hanger
NOTE As commonly used, this term sometimes includes the LMRP.
buoyancy module
structure of low-mass material, usually foamed polymers strapped or clamped to the exterior of riser joints, to reduce the submerged mass of the riser
use of analytical-based formulas or numerical-based methods, e.g. finite element method or boundary element method, to investigate the structural safety of a component/system
Charpy V-notch test
test to indicate fracture toughness in terms of energy absorbed or lateral expansion or fracture appearance
choke-and-kill line
external conduits, arranged laterally along the riser pipe, and used to circulate fluids into and out of the wellbore to control well pressure
mechanical device used to connect adjacent components in the riser system to create a structural joint resisting applied loads and preventing leakage
EXAMPLES Threaded types, including (i) one male fitting (pin), one female fitting (integral box) and seal ring(s), or (ii) two pins, a coupling and seal sea nng(s); flanged types, including two flanges, bolts and a gasket/seal nng; clamped hub types, including hubs, clamps, bolts and seal ring(s); dog-type connectors.
control module
assembly of subsea control equipment for piloted or sequential hydraulic or electrohydraulic operations from su rlace
NOTE Can be configured as a riser control module used for operation of landing strings in tubing hanger mode or as a workover control module in tree mode for operation of the lower workover package.
completion riser
temporary riser that is designed to run inside a BOP and drilling riser to allow for well completion
NOTE Completion operations are performed within the drilling riser. A completion riser can also be used for open-sea workover operations.
completionlworkover riser
CIWO riser
temporary riser used for completion or workover operations
part of the pressure-containing equipment, which can be considered as an individual item for the calculation
NOTE Includes structural components like pipes, connectors, stress joints, tension joints, landing blocks, slick joints, tubing hanger orientation joints, adapter joints, etc.
corrosion allowance
amount of wall thickness added to the pipe or component to allow for corrosion, scaling, abrasion, erosion, wear and all forms of material loss
crack tip opening displacement
measure of crack severity that can be compared against a critical value at the onset of crack propagation
design basis
set of project-specific design data and functional requirements that are not specified or are left open in the general standard
design check
assessment of a component for a load case by means of an application rule
design criteria
quantitative formulations which describe each failure mode the conditions shall fulfil
design factor
factor (usage factor) used in working stress design
design life
period for which a riser can be used for its intended purpose with anticipated maintenance but without substantial repair or replacement being necessary including storage and working periods
NOTE The design life includes the entire period from start of manufacture to condemnation of the C[WO riser system or part of the system.
design load
combination of load effects
design material strength
stress used for structural strength calculation
design pressure
maximum difference between internal pressure and external pressure that is unlikely to be exceeded during the life of the riser, referred to a specified reference height.


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