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API 1104:2005 pdf download.Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities.
If any of the following essential variables are changed in a procedure specification, the welder using the new procedure shall be requalitied:
a. A change from one welding process to another welding process or combination of processes, as follows:
I. A change from one welding process to a different welding process: or
2. A change in the combination of welding processes. unless the welder has qualified on separate qualification tests, each using the same welding process that is used for the conthination of welding processes.
b. A change in the direction of welding from vertical uphill to vertical downhill, or vice versa.
c. A ch.ange of tiller-metal classification from Group I or 2 to Group 3 or from Group 3 to Group I or 2 (see Table I).
For a qualification lest weld to meet the requirements for visual examination, the weld shall be free from cracks, inadequate penetration, and burn-through, and must present a neat workman-like appearanue. The depth of undcruutting adjacent to the final bead on the outside of the pipe shall not be more than 1/32 in. (0.8 mm) or 12.5% of the pipe wall thickness, whichever is smaller, and there shall not be more than 2 in. (50 mm) of undereutting in any continuous 12 in. (300 mm) kngth of weld.
When semi-automatic or mechanized welding is used, filler wire protruding into the inside of the pipe shall be kept to a minimum.
Failure to meet the requirements of this subsection shall be adequate cause to eliminate additional testing.
6.5.1 SamplIng of Test Butt Welds
i test butt welds, samples shall be cut from each test weld. Figure 12 shows the locations from which the specin ns are tobe renwwed if the test weld is a complete circumferential weld. It the test weld consists of segments of pipe nipples, an approximately equal number of specimens shall be removed from each segment. The total number of specimens and the tests to which each shall be submitted are shown in Table 3. The specimens shall be air cooled to ambient temperature prior to testing. For pipe with an outside diameter less than or equal to 1.3 15 in. (33.4 mm), one full- pipe section specimen may be substituted for the root-bend and Nick-break specimens. This full-section specimen shall be tested in accordance with and shall meet the requirements of 6.5.3.
6.5.2 Tensile-strength, Nick-break, and Bend-test Procedures for Butt Welds
The specimens shall be prepared for tensile-strength. Nick- break and bend rests, and the tests shall be performed as described in 5.6. However, for the purpose of welder qualilication, it is not necessary to calculate the tensile strength of the coupons. The tensile strength Lest may even he omitted, in which case the specimens designated for the test shall be subjected to the Nick-break test.
6.5.3 Tensile-strength Test Requirements for Butt Welds
For the tensile-strength test, if any of’ the reduced-section specimens or the hill-section specimen breaks in the weld or at the junction of the weld and the parent material and fails to meet the soundness requirements of the welder shall he disqualitIed.
6.5.4 Nick-breakTest Requirements for Butt Welds
For the Nick-break test, if any specimen shows imper[cvtions that exceed those allowed by the welder shall be disqualified.
6.5.5 Bend Test Requirements for Butt Welds
For the bend tests, if any specimen shows imperfections that exceed those allowed by or 5.65.3. the welder shall be disqualified. ‘M.lds in high-test pipe may not bend to the full U shape. These welds shall be considered acceptable if the specimens that crack are broken apart and their exposed surfaces meet the rcquinmcnts of 5,6,3.3.
If one of the bend test specimens fails to meet these requirements and. in the company’s opinion, the imperfection observed is not representative of the weld, the test specimen may be replaced by an additional specimen cut adjacent to the one that failed. The welder shall be disqualified if the additional specimen also shows imperkctions that exceed the specified limits.


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