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API 2540:2004 pdf download

API 2540:2004 2.3 Update Firmware
If the Iirmware version does no( match the recommended version displayed in Table I – I: Versions and Program Names, proceed with the fiillowing limiware update procedure. The firmware is available from your sales representative or from technical supjirl.
Update Firmware updates the internal tirmware Flash memory of the Flofloss 407 or the ROC3(X)- series FIashPAC by loading it from a file.
+ NOTE: The Update Firmware procedure clears the configuration of the ROC or Flofloss and reloads configuration from EEPROM after the update procedure is completed. The Event Log. Alarm Log, Audit Log. and History logs are cleared. To preserve the contents of the logs. be sure to save them to a tile (Collect ROC Data) before starting. The Event. Alarm, and History Logs cannot be reloaded.
1. Create a backup of the log data using File > Collect ROC Data > All.
2. Save all FSTs to a disk file.
3. Select System> Flags. Refer to Figure 2-7.
4. Click Write to EEPROM and click Save and wail for the save process to complete. This may take several minutes for ROC300-scries units,
5. Read the REAL)N1F text file included with the firmware update.
6. Select File> Update Firmware.pdf download.API2540 Liquid volume Correction User Program.
NOTE: *Dmajn violations arc triggered at contract conditions. The program automatically switches to the proper operating range. using the corrected density value, when one of the indicated ranges is selected.
Cole Vapor Prs — Click to unlock (Yes) or lock (No) the calculated vapor pressure feature. When the Liquid Type is Gasoline. Condensate, or LPG. the CaIc Vapor Prs option is unlocked (Yes), for all other liquids it is locked (No).
Scan Period 50-millisecond interval the flow is set to run. When it is set to less than lOms. the flow does not run, and the “Not Active t!!” message displays. You must reset this parameter with the number of flows, particular configuration of the liquid flow, and general configuration of the ROC.
Scan Time — Value calculated and displayed by the ROC kr each scan, in seconds. If an unrealistic setting is in place for the Scami Period, the ROC cannot keep the calculation speed in place with the desired value, so significant differences will occur between the Scan Period and Scan Time, with a correspondent increase in Central Processor Unit (CPU) loading.
Meter Type — Select the type of rnee being used:
• Pulse.
• Analog.
• Orifice Plate
Alarming – Select Enable or Disabled.
• Enabled Click the Alanus button to configure alarms for this point. Alarms are logged to the Alarm l.og. Refer to Section 3.1.3, Alarms, on page 3-5.
• Disabled – No alarm generates for this point, regardless of the Alarms configuration.
Select the Meter Input: Volume or Mass. When the Meter Type is Orifice Plate, the Meter Input is always Volume.
Cole Output — Select the Calculation Output: Volume or Mass.
Static Press — Select the Static Pressure mode: Gauge or Absolute.
Static Press Tap — Select if the Static Pressure is Downstream or Upstream of the orifice plate.
Low Flow Cutoff When the Meter Input value of thc metering device is less than the Low Flow Cutoff value. the calculated flow is equal to reru. (m’fDay or BBLDay).
Low Alarm — Limit value, in engineering units, to which the calculated flow must fall to generate a Low Alarm. (m3/Day or HBL/Day).
High Alarm — Limit value, in engineering units, to which the calculated flow must rise to generate a High Alarm. tm3/Day or BI3LDay.
RBX Alarming Currently. there are no communication programs availabk Lu handle API 2540 notifications. However, the alarms and Spontaneous Report-by-Exception (RBX) tags are logged into the Alarm Log.
l)isabled — Select Disabled to turn RBX Alarming Off.
On Alarm Sd — When the point enters an alarm condition, the ROC generates a Report-By- Exception message.
On Alarm Clear — Vhen the point leases an alarm condition, the ROC generates a Report-ByException message.
On Alarm set & Clear — In either condition, an RLIX message generates. Note that RI3X Alarming also requires the communications port to be properly configured.
Actic Alarms — l)isplays any alarms that are currently active.


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