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API 6D:2002 pdf download

API 6D:2002 pdf download.Petroleum and Natural GasIndustries-Pipeline Transportation Systems-—Pipeline Valves.
6.7 Valve ends
6.7.1 Flanged ends
Standard end flanges shall be furnished with a raised face or ring jO4nt faces (raised lace or ui face). Dimensions, tolerances and finishes, including driiing templates, flange facing, spot facing and back facing, shall be in accordance with:
ASME 816.5 for sizes up to and including DN 600 (NPS 24), except DN 550 (NPS 22); MSS SP-44 for DN 550 (NPS 22);
— ASME 816.47 Series A for ON 650 (NPS 26) and larger sizes.
6.7.2 Welding ends
Welding ends shall conform to Figures 434.86 (a) (1) and (2) of ASME B31.4 or Figures 14 and 15 of ASME B31 .8 unless otherwise agreed. In the case of a heavy-wall valve body, the outside profile may be tapered at 30° and then to 45° as illustrated In Figure 1 of ASME 816.25.
The purchaser shall specify the outside diameter, wai thickness, material grade. SMYS and special chemistry of the mating pipe. and whether cladding has been applied.
6.7.3 Special flanges and mechanical joints
Other end connections, such as special flanges or mechanical joints, may be specified by the purchaser.
6.8 Pressure relief
The manufacturer shall determine whether fluid can become trapped in the body cavity ii the open- and/or closed- valve position.
If fluid trapping possible, then valves for gas service, unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, and liquid service shall be provided with an automatic cavity pressure relief.
Cavity relief, when required, shall prevent the pressure ii the cavity from exceeding 1,33 times the valve pressure rating determined in accordance with 6.1 for material at 38°C (100°F). External cavity relief valves shall be DN 15 (NPS 112) or larger.
6.9 Bypass, drain and vent connections
Bypass. drain and vent connections and plug entries shall be drilled and threaded unless otherwise specified. The purchaser may specify other types of connections, such as welded or flanged.
Threads shall be either tapered and capable of providing a pressure-tight seal or parallel-threaded. Connections or plugs with pallel threads shall have a head section for trapping and retaining a sealing member suitable for the specified valve service.
Thread sizes shall be in accordance with Table 7. Thread forms shall be ii accordance with ASME Bli,
ASME B1.20.1, ISO 228-1. ISO 228-201 ISO 7-1.
6.10 Handwheels and wrenches (levers)
Wrenches for valves shall either be of an integral design or consist of a head which fits on the stem and is designed to take i extended handle. The head design shall allow permanent attachment of the extended section If specified by the purchaser.
The maximum force required at me nandwlieel or wrench to apply the breakaway torque or thrust shall nOt exceed
360 N.
Wrenches shall not be longer than twice the face-to-face or end-to-end dimension of the valve.
Hanclwbeel diameter(s) shall not exceed the face-to-face or end-to-end length of the valve or 1 000 mm. whichever is the smaller, unless otherwise agreed. Except for valve sizes DN 40 (NPS 11/2) and smaller, spokes shall not extend beyond the pecirneter of the handwheel unless otherwise agreed.
When specified by the purchaser. the handwheel of the gearbox ioput shaft shall be provided with a torque-limiting device, such as a shear pin, to prevent damage to the drive train.
6.11 Locking devices
Valves shall be supplied with locking devices f specified by the purchaser. Locking devices for check valves shall be designed to lock the valve in the open position only.
Locking devices for other types of valve shall be designed to lock the valve in the open and/or closed position.
6.12 Position indicators
Valves fitted with manual or powered actuators shall be furnished with a visible indicator to show the open and the closed position of the obturator.
For plug and ball valves, the wrench and/or the position indicator shall be ii line with the pipeline when the valve is open and transverse when the valve is closed. The design shall be such that the component(s) of the indicator and/or wrench cannot be assembled to falsely indicate the valve position.
Valves without position stops shall have provision for the verification of open and close alignment with the operator/actuator removed.


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