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API 7:2002 pdf download.Specification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements.
C.I Reference master gauges should ordtnanly remain in good condition for years if properly cared for and used only for the purpose intended, namely, the checking of working gauges with smooth, clean threads. If the gauges become dirty, they should he cleaned by the gauge owner befcwe shipim’nt to the custodian for standoff determinations.
C.2 Oily deposits or discolonmons may sometimes he removed with a pointed, soft wood stick. To do this, the gauge (plug or ring) should be chucked in a lathe and rotated slowly while the stick is pressed into the thread with equal beanng on both flanks, A Large portion of such deposits can usually be removed by this method, but it may sometimes be necessary to charge the stick with oil and a fine grade of emery. A coarse or quick cutting abrasive should nut be used,
Note: Anne grade of emery flour, such as No. 12 Washington Milk, is r miendcsl f this purpose,
C.3 Burrs or small scored places on the threats may be stoned with a fine grade of stone. The stoning of scored places extending all the way around the gauge is not approved as the accuracy of the gauges may be seriously atTected by extensive stoning. For severe cases of pitting or scoring. regnnding by the gauge maker is advisable.
CA After reconditioning. the gauge must be cleaned thoroughly.
C.5 After drying. the plug and ring gauge should he thoroughly covered with medicinal mineral oil, assembled in mating pairs, then wrapped in oil paper.
C.6 Each mating pair of gauges should he boxed separately for shipment, using waste or similar packing.
C.7 Shipping boxes should be securely made and the material should be heavy enough to prevent damage to the gauges during shipment; 2-inch (5Oi-millimctcr) maenal Is recommended. If gauges are received by the custodian in boxes inadequate for return shipment. the custodian will repair or replace the shipping containers, arid add cost to the inspection fec The gauges should he held rigidly in place in the box by a follower block with a hole through the middle that fits the handle of the plug gauge snugly. This follower block should be fastened with wood screws through the outside of the box.
C.8 The tops of the shipping boxes should be screwed on. not nailed, with the return address affixed securely on the reverse side, so that the top can be reversed by ihc custodian for return shipment to the oner.
C.9 All carnage charges musi he prepaid. ShlpmcN to cus todians should preferably be by express. which is laster in transit and delivery. When returning gauges. custodians will ship collect Owners should in&atc to the custodian whether gauges ire to he returned by freight or espress.
C.1O Custodians are not permitted to assemble grand or regional master gauges with reference master gauges that hiive dirty or damaged threads. If cleaning is required, other than that required to remove the protective coating, the testing agency will charge for the extra work. If the gauge is rusted or scored to the cxlem as to require reconduioning, the gauge ov.ner will be so noihed. Failure to recondition such gauges will be considered justification for cancellation of the gauges’ status as authoni.ed reference master gauges
CII Owners of gauges that arc to be iransportcd by ship from outside the United States to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for rest must make prior arrangements with a customs broker either in the country of origin or in the United States for entry of the gauges into the IJnited States, with or without bond as may be necessary. and prepaid transportation to and from the ports of entry and exit. Entry in bond is required for gauges made outside the United States, whereas gauges made in the United States may be entered withoul bond. If arrangements are made with a broker in the country of origin, that broker should, in turn. have a customs broker in or near the port of entry arrange for entry of the gauges and prepaid transportation to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gailhersbiag, MD.
Cl 2 An alternative method of shipment that eliminates the need [or services of a customs broker is by air freight to NTS1’ via Dulles International Airport. Washington D.C. When shipments arc made by this method. N1ST will pick up the gauges at the airport, arrange for entry in bond when necessaiy. and after lest obtain release from bond if required and deliver the gauges in the airport for return shipment The gauges will be returned collect wiih transportation charges payable at destination.


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