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API IP Spec 1596:2006 pdf download

All metal items inside the vessel shall he in electrical cotilact with each other and the vessel body. The resistance between any two items shall he less than 1 0 ohms.
In the case of carbon steel vessels which are internally coated. the exterior of the vessel may he used as a contact point for continuity tests. For aluminium vessels and aluminium hushes (hushins) or check valves installed in a coated steel mounting plate. oxide ii im shall be removed from a contact point before conducting continuity tests.
Note that care should be taken when applying coatings to avoid electrically isolating metal components. Epoxy coatings have a high resistivity and high electrical breakdown strength. Therefore. the conductive paths needed to provide earthing for elements and related components must not be interrupted by epoxy coatings. If necessar , areas of coating shall be 1w—passed by bonding links to provide the required electrical continuity.
are must also be taken to avoid isolating items 1w the inappropriate use of insulating gaskets. 0—rings or 2lue layers.
Inlet and outlet branches, together with all other ports, shall be clearly labelled to indicate their intended function, Engraving or stamping is not acceptable unless it is deep enough to avoid being obliterated 1w several coats of paint and is in accordance with any limitations imposed by the design code.
A stain less steel or non—lerrous metal data plate shall he securely attached to the vessel and include information as required by section 3. 4 or 5.
Note: In formation will iieed to he updated should a vessel he converted.
Prior to shipment. the exterior of a vessel shall he cleaned of’ all d il-I. grease. rust and loose iiii II scale, and one coat of an approved metal primer applied, unless otherwise specified2. All nameplates. gauges. etc. where hued, shall he masked prior to paint tug.
Note: It is pt-ct erable for the exterior of the vessel to he primed prior to the titmeni of nameplates to reduce the possibility that corrosion Will occur. Alternatively tile bracket material for the nameplate can selected to
miniurtise corrosion.
The paint used shall be fuel resistant, suitable for Further coating and sufficient I> durable to afford protection against corrosion in humid, saline conditions during shipment. handling and site installation.
2.19 Si’.I)ARI) AUci:ssoiu FS
i’he following accessories shall be standard on all units and may be titled by the vessel manuflicturer or on site at the discretion of the purchaser.
2.19.1 Equipment Ioi’ nleasunng dillereittial I)’CSSLI re
In operation Illier element condition is determined by checking the differential pressure at rated flow. Sensing lines and fittings shall be made from stainless steel. Isolating valves shall be stainless steel in fixed theilities, while for mobile equipment stainless steel or chromium plated brass may he used as long as compression ferrules, if used. are of’ suitable hardness.
The possible pressure measuring alternatives are:
(a) A differential gauge giving a direct reading Is recommended. Both electronic pressure transducers and piston—type devices are available. The gauge should he protected with suitable isolating valves (with thermal pressure relief’) and fhr piston—L\pe devices provided with a means for testing free n’iovement of the piston.
(1) A single pressure gauge with a 3—way valve to enable pressure upstream and downstream of the elements to he measured in turn and the di t’ference determined. This type ot’gauge shall ha e pulsation.


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