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API Publ 2510A:2010 pdf download

API Publ 2510A:2010 pdf download.Fire-Protection Considerations for the Design and Operation of
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)Storage Facilities.
Adherence to the design considerations and requirements of this section will significantly reduce fire risk at LPG facilities and will limit the spread of fire and extent of damage should a fire occur. This section is intended to be used as a supplement to API Standard 2510.
2.2 Site Selection
2.2.1 Liquefied petroleum gas storage facilities should be located to minimize the exposure risk to adjacent facilities, properties, or population. The location. layout. and arrangement of a storage facility should be based primarily on the requirement for safe and efficient operation in normal use. Recognition of safety requirements in plant layout and equipment spacing is essential in the early design of new facilities and has a direct impact on both the risk and the potential magnitude of loss. Typical considerations are listed in 3.1 of API Standard 2510.
2.2.2 For remotely located storage facilities, such as those in producing areas or at facilities where the quantity of stored LPG is limited, the amount of built-in fire protection warranted may be less than that needed for larger facilities located in populated or developed industrial areas. Thus, the remoteness of the location is a major factor in determining the degree of fire protection to be included in the design. A safety analysis, discussed in 1.5, can help to establish a realistic exposure risk to aid in deciding on the amount of protection necessary.
2.2.3 Risk assessment and dispersion modeling can be useful tools in estimating setback distances to limit exposure to adjacent facilities. For additional information, see the API report Validation of Heavy Gas Dispersion Models wit!, Experinieiztal Results of the Thornev island Trials June 1 986. Volumes I and II.
2.3 Layout and Spacing
2.3.1 GENERAL Spacing and design of LPG facilities are interdependent and must be considered together. Spacing requirements used shall be in accordance with 3.1 of API Standard
The site selection for aboveground LPG vessels shall be as given in 3.1.3 of API Standard 2510. The emphasis should be on limiting exposure of the vessels to fire, explosion, or mechanical damage from adjacent facilities or properties, and on protecting those facilities or properties from an incident involving the storage vessels.


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