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API RP 11L:2008 pdf download

API RP 11L:2008 pdf download.Design Calculations for Sucker Rod Pumping Systems (onventional Units).
4.6 Perform the indicated mathematical operations indicated through step 11 (per example Data Sheet 111). If the tubing is anchored, L’A (step 11) is equal to zero and need not be calculated. The values are now available with wtWch the bottom hole pump stroke. S,, and the pump displacement PD, may be calculated.
4.7 WIth the calculated values & F0/St,. and NIN’. record the value of SIS from figure 4,1 and solve for .3, and PD in steps 13 and 14 (per example Data Sheet ilL). Pump deplacemerit is the first test betig made to see if the preflnary selection of corronents for the mstallation is satisfactory. If the pump displacement calciiated in step 14 fails to satisfy known or anticipated requirements, appropriate adjustments must be made in the assumed data and steps 1 through 14 repeated. When the calculated pump displacement is acceptable, proceed with the design calculations by performing steps 15.16 and 17.
4.8 By using the calculated values of F,ISk, and NIN0. the values of F115k, (see Figure 4.2). F21Sk, (see Figure 4.3).
211S2k, (see Figure 4.4). and FISkr (see Figure 4.5) are read from the curves and recorded. When referring to Figures
4.1 and 4.6 to determine S1JS and Ta, the value of NIN’, must be used. Record the value of Ta.
4.9 Substitution of the appropriate values in the various formulas and performance of the indicated mathematics in steps 23 through 27 of the example Data Sheet ilL will yield the various loads to be expected from the preliminary selection of equipment It Is now necessary to compare these calculated loads with limitations imposed by the preliminary selection. Calculate the stress in the sucker rods to determine if it is within acceptable limits.
4.10 Generally, more than one selection of equipment and calculation of operating conditions is necessary before the optimum selection can be made..


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