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API RP 14H:2007 pdf download

API RP 14H:2007 pdf download.Recommended Practice for Installation,Maintenance and
Repair of Surface Safety Valves and Underwater Safety Valves Offshore.
4.11 The following should be considered when detemiining the USV instalLation depth:
a. Installation depth should be determined according to thc manufacturer’s instructions.
b. Pressure gradient of seawatercontrol line fluid.
c. Calculated tubing prsure at USV during the open flow conditions.
d Operating fnction as related to type of USV and scaling elements.
e. Safety factor.
5 Repair
5.1.1 Onsite repair should bc accomplished by a qualified pcrson().
5.1.2 Onsite repair doe-’. not include the repIaieinent of the SSVUSV valve body.
5.1.3 Replacement pails should be qualified ports and should be documented on the SSV&JSV Repair Record Sheet (Exhibit 2). Qualified parts shall med or exceed design requirements for the original parts.
5.1.4 Testing should be performed m accordance with 6.3.
5.1.5 l)ocumentation: completed copies of the SSVIUSV Repair Rccord Sheet (Exhibit 2) and the SSV,IJSV Functional Test Data Sheet for Onsitc Repairs Exhibit 3).
5.2.1 Offitc rcpairrcmanufacture is not addressed in this RP. These operations should be performed at a ticiIity where the procedures. specifications and quality control allow restoration of the equipment to its original pcdonnancc meeting the requirements of the edition of APT Specs 6A or 140 in cflet at the time of onginal manufacture, as a minimum. Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 4 may be used for documentation.
6 Testing Procedures
6.1.1 SSV Operating Test
a. Shut-in well
b. Close SSV.
Open SSV.
d Return well to production.
6.1.2 SSV Pressure Holding Test
a. Shut-in well and SSV as for operation test.
b. Position wing and flowline valves to permit pressure to bleed off downstream of SSV,
c. With pressure on upstream side of SSV, open bleed valve downstream of SSV and check for continuous flow. If sustained liquid flow exceeds 400 cubic centimeters per minute (0.4 cubic decimeters per minute) or as flow exceeds 15 standard cubic feet per minute (611.6 cubic meters pci day) during the pressure holding ten. thc SSV should be repaired or replaced. Test duration should bc a minimum of 5 minuies
ii Closc bleeder valve.
c. Return well to production.
62.1 USV Operating T.st
a. Shut-in wcll b Close LISV.
c. Open USV.
d. Rerum well to production.
62.2 USV Pressure Holding Test
Each opcrator shook) use a method apwopnatc to his system to demonstrate the pressure integrity of the USV and quantify buildup rates Thc following arc two options oticred for general guidance only;
a. Option I: Pertwm test as in 6.1.2,
b. Opbon2:
I. Shut-rn well and USV as for operation lest (sec 6.1 .2a and 6.1 ,2b) and close downstream header or flowline valve, 2. With pressure on upstream side of the USV, measure pressure buildup in the flowline versus time. If the absolute pressure buildup in the contined line segment downstream of the USV is in excess of that which represents a flow rate of 400 cubic centimeters per minute (0.4 cubic decimeter per minute) of liquid or 15 standard cubic feet per minutc 1611.6 cubic meters per day) of gas, the USV should be repaired or replaced. An example with calculations is gisen in Appendix A. Test duration should be a minimum of 5 minutes,
3. Return well to production.
6.3.1 General
AOcr ons,te repair. a SSVUSV should be subjected to the appropriate test(s) listed in &32 to demonstrate proper assembly and operation. When repair on the SSVUSV actuator does not affect the SSV1JSV salve. testing may bc limited to that required in 6.1.1 or 6.21.
The test results should he documented on an ssvusv Functional Test Data Sheet tr Onsile Repairs simiLar to the example shown in Exhibit 3.
6.3.2 Testing
Recommendations for testing SSVs.USVs kllowing onsite repairs arc stated bclow. Testing may be limited according to onsite repairs pcrtomicd. O,,.cIw ,swa Hhe,v the .SSJ7U5V actualmr pnaaurc caeI4Jining seals are broketm or dialurbed. The SSV.USV actuator should be tested for leakage using the SSVUSV actuator media, Test pressure should be normal field operating supply pressure. No leakage is allowed. Onr,ie rrpufr that might 4kc’t the alignment o the gate (plug) w,d,seuis. The SSVUSV valve shouki be opened and checked visually or. if possible. with a drifl mandrel for proper alignment. Ormrlte ,svaira that might affect operation o(the SSIVSV The complete assembly should be tested for operational integrity: cyck the assembly fully open and fully closed three limes with the SSV’USV valve body at ambient pressure or at well- head shut-in ILibing psessure (SITP) with no flow. (If equipment through the first dowitatream block valve will not withstand full wellhead SITP. conduct this lest at the working pressure of the downstream equipment.)


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