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API RP 1595:2006 pdf download

API RP 1595:2006 pdf download.Design, Construction, Operation,Maintenance, and lnspection of Aviation Pre-Airfield Storage Terminals.
The monthly floating suction check cannot he perftwmed on aiiks equipped with internal Iloating roofs in which the floating suction is physically attached to the floating roof, In this case an internal inspection shall be pertiwmed every three years to verify that the floating suction is serviceable.
6.1.3 Swing Arms
Where swing arms are fitted, the correct positioning of swing arm suctions shall be checked each day that deliveries are made.
6.1.4 Conductivity
The conductivity of fuels containing a static dissipater additive shall be checked monthly.
6.1.5 Testing of Static Stock and Occasional Use Piping
A periodic test shall be carried out on all grades of aviation fuels remaining in storage over a specific time: (six months for jet fuel and three months for aviation gasoline after the date of the last replenishment. This testing shall be repeated at six-monthly intervals until the stock is replenished.
If the periodic test results arc unsatisfactory, the tank shall be quarantined until the matter is resolved. Tanks need not be quaran. tined while awaiting periodic test results.
Piping. such as storage tank recirculation lines or tank transfer lines that arc left unused longer than 3 months, shall be flushed back to storage. If the line contains fuel that has not been recertified, then if flushed back to an aviation grade storage tank, the tank shall be recertified after the transfer prior to being released for use. To reduce the need for additional recertification, the flushing can take place after receipt of luel into the tank and recertified with the recent receipt.
6.1.6 Double Block and Bleed Valve Arrangement
Where storage tanks are litted with a double block and bleed valve arrangement and positive segregation is required. the two block valves (or single double block and bleed valve) shall be closed after receipt of product.
The bleed valve between the two block valves shall be opened to drain the pipe between the two block and bleed valves into a suitable container before and after each receipt. The bleed valve on the single double block and bleed valve shall be opened to check the valve integrity with a suitable container available to catch any discharge.
The bleed valve shall be checked immediately prior to the release of product from the tank and from then on at least weekly until the next recipt.
These checks shall be recorded.
If a significant quantity of product is found during a check of a bleed valve between two block valves, or if there is a continuous flow of product indicating product is bypassing at least one of the block valves (or the double block and bleed valve seals), the appropriate measures, including additional product sampling and testing. shall be taken to ensure that the quality of the product is satisfactory before the batch is released.
6.1.7 Six Monthly Microbiological Tank Bottom Check
Pre-airticld storage terminal operators shall perform a test for microbiological contamination. which shall be carried out on all grades of aviation fuels on a bottom sample from each tank.
Specialist advice shall be obtained to determine the most applicable test and what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable results. Additional guidance on the subject of microbiological contamination can be found in the ASTht Manual 47: Fuel and Fuel Svsein Microbiology: Fu,idarnenwls, Djunsis and Conia,,,inauion Conrnøl and the Energy Institute (EL) document Guideline.s For The Investigwion Of The Microbial Conreni Of Peuvleum Fuels And For The Implerneniarion Of Ay;idance And Renwdial Siraregies.
This testing shall be repeated at six-monthly intervals. If the test results are unsaisfactory. the cause of the unsatisfactory results shall be investigated. Cleaning of the tank may be one result.
Treatment of tank microbiological problems by shock treating with biocide additives is not an acceptable method of control.


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