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API RP 17Q:2010 pdf download

API RP 17Q:2010 pdf download.Subsea Equipment Qualification-Standardized Process for
— process media;
— design life.
Additional service conditions and specific operating parameters (operator) may be required. The component PQSs provided in Annex C, provide example conditions. Additional lines have been provided for other project service conditions and operating parameter references.
5.2.4 Qualification Testing Requirements—Existing and Supplemental Practices
The Qualification Practices sections provide the following information:
— performance verification requirements;
— applicable industry standards and codes;
— supplier test procedure and report number references;
— scaled or tested qualification practice implemented.
NOTE Additional recommended qualification tests, which are currently not specified by existing API documents, have been provided in the PQSs Qualification—Supplemental Practices section. Additional lines have been supplied within both the PQSs Qualification—Existing Industry Practices and Supplemental Practices sections for operator and/or supplier test requirements not captured within the current PQS templates. Any testing not specified by API is at the discretion of the supplier and may or may not be requirement of the operator.
Supplemental operator or supplier engineering requirements can be attached to specific PQSs or provided in this section as and where appropriate.
Information on design validation includes the following:
— applicable industry standards and codes;
— supplier procedure and final report references.
Design and development validation requirements do not supplement qualification activities but are intended to ensure that the component is capable of meeting specified service conditions for intended use. Design validation may include the following:
— prototype tests;
— functional and/or operational tests;
— field performance tests;
— existing industry standards and/or confirmation of compliance with regulatory requirements.
5.2.5 Interfaces
Information pertaining to supplemental interface testing, not already included in API, may include the following:
— applicable running tools, including component identifier;
— specific test equipment or simulators, including component identifier;
5.2.6 Additional Comments
The PQS does not document prior component field history, which may be considered field proven by an operator orsupplier.Ilf field history is to be considered, relevant field history should be reviewed with the component supplier toconfirm whether historical applications can be considered adequately field proven.Following assessment of fieldhistory, component criticality should be assessed to determine if existing field history is deemed adequate or ifadditional qualification is required.The following criteria may be used as guidance:
-project name;
-similarity of the component to proposed design;
-component service location within the prior subsea system application;-start-up year and approximate duration in service;
-service conditions.
6 Requirements
6.1How to Use the Failure Mode Assessment Templates
To identify failure modes for each component, operators and/or suppliers may use the FMA templates or anotherFMEA/FMECA format that includes all the required information.A separate FMA may be available for each applicablesubsea component. The FMA should present failure modes and mechanisms for each item associated with acomponent and reference each failure mode by specific part number or identifier. Those failure modes should betested, accepted, and documented to ensure that the component can withstand the service conditions indicated.


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