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API RP 591:2003 pdf download

API RP 591:2003 pdf download.Process Valve Qualification Procedure.
6.4.3 All valve parts shall he visually examined to confirm and document the tllowing. as applicable:
a. Markings are as specified in the applicable API valve standard.
h. Identification plate is as specified in thc applicable API valve standard.
c. Construction is as specified in the applicable API valve standard.
d. [land wheel, gear operator or lever operates clockwise to close when viewed from the outboard end of the stern, and that the hand wheel, gear operator or lever is properly marked with an arrow and the word OPEN to indicate the opening direction.
e. Hand wheel conditions, material and method of fabrication,
I. Packing type and arrangement. sue, and number of rings as well as the nunther of rings that could be added after the shell hydro-test.
g. Method of attaching the seat ring to the body.
h. Presence of lubrication on the stem nut.
i. Nothing other than light lubricant, having a viscosity no greater than kerosene, has been used on valve scaling suriice, except for valves using lubricant as their primary sealing mechanism.
j. Type of ckisure element.
k. T-head is integral without welding or weld buildup) with the stern.
I. A fully open gatelplug/ball completely clears the seat openings.
m. Any disk nut on swing check valves is positively locked in place.
n. Number, location, and sue of any tapped openings in pressure-containing parts.
o. Type and direction of the stem threads.
p. Markings on the bolting for the body, bonnet, and cover joints arc as specified in applicable ASTM specifications.
q. Method of attachment of the hand wheel nut.
r. Tack welding is used or is not used in securing various components.
s. Type of end protection used in shipment
t. Body-to-bonnet cover gasket design and material.
u. Blow—out proof stem design.
6.4.4 Alter completion of required dimensional and visual examinations, paint and sealants shall be removed from the bodies, bonnets, and covers, and each of these valve pressure- containing component shall be visually examined o determine the following:
a. Forgings arc free from laps and seams.
b. Surtce quality of castings, including the body, bonnet. and cover, is as specified in MSS SP-5.
After completing visual examination a photograph of the disassembled valve parts. readable nameplate. and cast-in markings shall be made.
6.4.5 Material tests listed in Table I shall be made on a minimum of five of the sample valves. The source of each body and bonnet (or cover) as well as each material group from each maicrial SOUrCe shall he sampled. Chemical composition and hardness shall be nondestructively determined except that small samples may be removed from the body. bonnet, or cover in a manner that will not alTect the integrity of the component (e.g., areas such as bosses, ribs, and (lange perimeters).
6.4.6 Strength tests of the stem/shaft-to-closure element connection shall be perftrmed on valves as indicated in Appendix A. in accordance with Appendix B.
The manufacturer shall make available to the laboratory conducting the strength tests a guide for siting the required test fixtures by providing the calculated stem shall-to-closure element Failure loads for the valves to be tested.
6.4.7 All pressure-retaining welds shall be completely radiographed in accordance with the requirements of Table 341.3.2 of ASM[i 831.3. using the acceptance criteria for normal fluid service conditions. Butt-welding end preparations. welds in fabricated wedges, and pressure-retaining welds that can not he radiographed shall be examined in accordance with ASME B 16.34 Annex C by either the magnetic particle or the liquid penetrant method.
6.4.8 Sections of cast valves, as identified in of ASME 816.34 and shown in Figures 6-16. from four valves or 25°/. of the sample lo (whichever is larger) shall be examined by radiography. A minimum of one valve from each foundry source shall be examined. The procedure shall be in accordance with ASME B 16.34. Annex B. The laboratory shall report each type of discontinuity t& each film, with sketches illustrating the locations of all films.


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