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API RP 5SI:2006 pdf download

API RP 5SI:2006 pdf download.Recommended Practice fo Purchaser Representative Surveillance and/or Inspection at the Supplier.
5 Level of Surveillance and/or Inspection Activities
As a general nile. surveillance and/or purchaser representative inspection activities should be specified by the parties in the purchase agreement. These activities are typically at the discretion of the purchaser,
The purchaser should specify one of the following activity levels and any additional inspection and/or surveillances. Product specific appendixes are included in this document and apply to levels specified in the appendix (or specified herein). The supplier and purchaser representative should be noti lied at the pre-produclion meeting or other appropriate time as to the specified activity level. The purchaser, at its discretion. may adjust the activity levels in accordance with the purchase agreement and/or applicable specifications at any time during the duration of the order. In which case the supplier and purchaser representative should be notified so that there is an understanding between all panics as to the inspection and surveillance required.
This activity level consists of a representative, retained by the purchaser, who surveys the process and quality activities of the supplier.
This level of activity does not require the presence of a surveyor on each production shill.
This level includes those activities shown in Level A in addition to the use of other overseers in certain key processes such as welding. NDT. final bench, coating. etc.
This level requires a lead inspector, with sonic level of presence, on each shift for supervision of the purchaser representative survey and/or inspection team.
Level C establishes purchaser representative surveys and/or inspections at appropriate processes and quality areas in the supplier’s facility on each processing shift. This may include monitoring and/or witnessing of all the supplier’s critical processes and a purchaser representative final inspection subsequent to the supplier’s final inspection.
This level requires a lead surveyor and/or inspector for supervision of the purchaser representative survey and/or inspection teams with full-time presence on each shift.
6 Safety
The supplier should inform the purchaser representative of potential safety haiards in the supplier’s facility and expect the purchaser representative to comply with all relevant safety considerations required of the supplier’s employees.
The supplier should identify the items of personal protection equipment required. Basic industrial safety training should be supplied by the purchaser representative to its employees.
Orientation and explanation of safety issues inherent to the supplier’s facility is the responsibility of the supplier. Such orientation should take place prior to initiation of surveillance and/or inspection activities.
If the supplier’s facility is required to have a drug and’or alcohol testing program, then the purchaser representative should have a drug and/or alcohol testing program for its employees that will be working at the at the supplier’s facility.
If the supplier requires verification of the drug and/or alcohol testing program under which the purchaser representative is enrolled, the representative should provide proof or sign a confinnation statement. In such cases that the representative is unable to provide proof or sign a confirmation statement, the representative should acknowledge, by signature, the willingness to abide by, and participate in accordance with the requirements of the suppliers drug and/or alcohol test program.
7 Qualifications of Purchaser Representatives
Qualifications of purchaser representative should consist of experience and training to the specification to which the product will be manufactured and inspected.
Qualifications of the purchaser representative should be in accordance with the employer’s written policy. Documentation of the purchaser representative’s qualifications should be available to the purchaser upon request.
8 Gauges and Instruments
Purchasei lepiesentatives oia use their own gauges. instruments or measuring devices. The supplier’s calibrated inMrurnents should be used to confirm all out-of-specification or questionable findings by either the supplier’s employees or the purchaser representative.
The supplier’s mechanical gages. fixed gages and electronic instruments or other gages that are used for the purpose of determining material acceptance or rejection should he calibrated on au established schedule and traceable to a national or international standard.
9 Inspection Procedures
The purchaser representative should have applicable specifications, standards, and un-priced purchase agreements and should have access to those standard operating procedures for the processes and/or products being supplied.
10 Reporting
Purchaser representatives should report as directed by the purchaser. Purchaser may require daily, weekly, monthly and/or job completion final reporting. In addition to these, other reports may be requested based on the purchaser requirements and may also include nonconformance and corrective action reports.
11 Product Appendix
The attached appendixes arc recommended for specific producis and based on the purchaser desired level of representation. Persons who wish to have other processes considered for inclusion should submit a request to the Committee on Standardization of Tubular Goods.


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