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API RP 70:2003 pdf download

API RP 70:2003 pdf download.Security for Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Operations.
9Facility Security Officer(FSO):
The FSO receives information in connection with security-related matters.The FSO may communicate with other secu-rity personnel,such as on-site representatives (contractors,operators, partners, third parties, etc.).The FSO or other des-ignated personnel shall be the person(s) in charge of reportingsuspicious activities. pursuant to the communications proto-col. The duties of the FSO may be delegated to other qualifiedpersonnel,but the FSO is ultimately responsible for theseduties.A person designated as the FSO may act as the FSOfor one or more facilities, depending on the number or typesof facilities a company operates. Where a person acts as theFSO for more than one facility. it should be clearly identifiedin the facility security plan for which facilities this person isresponsible.The FSO may be a collateral duty provided theperson is fully capable to perform the duties and responsibili-ties required of the FSO.
The duties and responsibilities of the offshore FSOinclude, but are not limited to:
1.Implementing and exercising the facility security plan;2 Recommending and incorporating,as appropriate,
modifications to the facility security plan in order to cor-rect deficicncies and,to update the plan to take into
account relevant changes to the facility;
3.Enhancing security awareness and vigilance;
4Ensuring adequate training for personnel responsiblefor security of the facility;
5. Reporting to the relevant authorities and maintainingrecords of occurrences, which threaten the security of thefacility.
Only personnel authorized by the FSO may access aRestricted Area.
The Restricted Area(s) shall be secured in a manner todeter unauthorized entry. Only the FSO and his designce mayhave the means to open the Restricted Area.If a keyed lock isutilized, a spare key should be kept in a locked box. locker orother secure means,accessible solely by the FSO or his/herdesignee.
11Coordination with Point of
11.1 Offshore facility access-personnel and equipment11.2Authorization for the shipment of personnel.goods andequipment,shall be coordinated with the Point of Embarka-tion.
11.3 Additionally. the FSO should follow establish proce-dures, such as.
1.No unauthorized personnel shall be allowed on thefacility.
2The FSO or his designce should consult with the pointof embarkation personnel as to authornizing the shipmentof personnel, goods and equipment
3. Imposing heightened security measures in response toidentified threats or as advised by competent authonity.
12Ownerloperator Policy on Searches
and lnspections
All personnel assigned to the facility. including guests andirnvitees (third parties, etc.) are subject to the Owner/opera-tor’s Policy on Searches and Inspections. These inspectionsmay bc conducted on the facility or at the Point of Fmbarka-tion. Frearms. weapons.explosive materials and other sub-stances are strictly prohibited The complete policy is detailedin insert reference as appropriate.


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