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API RP 76:2007(2013) pdf download

API RP 76:2007(2013) pdf download.Contractor Safety Management for Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Operations.
This guideline provides examples of elements to consider when preparing, revising or reviewing an onshore or offshore (as applicthle) Short Service Employee (SSE) program.
A Short Service Employee program may apply to either a company’s own employees or to contract employees utilized by the company.
— The scope of this example document applies to oil and gas well drilling, servicing and producing operations. Due to the many diverse charactenstics of these operations, special modification may be necessary that differ substantially from this example program.
Identity who the program applies to: contract personnel, subcontractor personnel and company persOnnel.
Provide the obectIve of the program which s typically to ensure that ShOrt Service Employees are Identified, appropriately supervised, trained and managed io order to prevent Injury to themselves or others, property damage or environmental harm.
Short Service Employee Designation
— less than six months continuous employment with present employer;
— new job responsibilities;
— operator-spec& exceptions;
— release from SSE Status;
— completed all required training, and
— mentor, direct supervisor and Operator representative recommendation for release.
— standard color hard hat used only by SSE (preferred), or
— identifiable sticker on hard hat,
— when the personnel are no longer SSEs. SSE identification should be remnoved)replaced.
— Company (Operator/Contractor) using contract personnel:
— ensure that the job site information applicable to the Contractor’s employees is communicated to the Contractor. This should address site or location-specific HSE policies and restrictions.
— once the Contractor is chosen, ensure that the initial orientation is given to current and new employees.
— Err4oyers:
— provide an initial HSE onentation program appropriate to the job description.
— HSE orientation may be an accredited program such as IADC’s Rig Pass, or API’S Training Provider Certification Program (TPCP).
— Notification of Operator prior to the amval of any SSE5 assigned to the site.
SSE Mentoring Program
— A mentoring program Is a component of the SSE program.
— Purpose of the mentorlng program is to provide for guidance and development of the SSE by a peer and provide for the transfernng of skills and knowledge from one person to another In a work environment.
— Each SSE should be assigned to a mentor, which may be the SSE’s supervisor or other person that has experience and job specific knowledge adequate to instruct and mentor the now employee.
— SSE responsibilities should be clearty outlined such as the following:
— see assistance and guidance from his mentor when uncertain about any part of his job or for a task he/she has never done before.
— open to feedback from the mentor.
— adhere to al policies and procedures taught or shown to him/her,
— work in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
— Mentor’s responsibihhes should be dearly outlined and indude the following:
— lead by example and refrain from taking short cuts and doing anything hazardous to health and safety or that could cause environmental harm.
— ensure the SSE understands the scope of work being performed that day
— review with the SSE the known hazards of the work being performed and advise on safe work practices to be followed,
— show the SSE how to prepare and follow a JSA.
— be available for end encourage questions.
— observe SSE whe perfoming duties.


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