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API S1:2001 pdf download.Organization and Procedures for Standardization of Oilfield Equipment and Materials.
b. Piecemeal Revision Work Items. New work items of this type typically involve expanding the scope of an existing group to investigate or develop one or more related revisions to specific technical requirements in a standard (e.g., add or alter physical property requirements in a particular paragraph or table) The responsible subcommittee and committee should consider limiting the frequency and accumulation of piecemeal work items affecting a particular standard Proiect Justification
A Project Justification shall be completed for all new work items of either type described in
Section 52.1!, shall be pnorttized and approved in accordance with Paragraph
Appendix D includes example considerations for new work justifications, however, the
Executive Committee may establish more specific forms and assessment procedures Consistent
with the purpose of the standards program
5.21.3 New Work Proposals
Proposals for new work items should describe and justify the work (standard to be written or revised), identify the intended international or domestic status of the standard (see Section 5.2. 1.4). describe resource needs (type and number of members, number of meetings, etc), list available or proposed participants, and include a time line for major milestones in completing the work A minimum of two user representatives shall volunteer to participate in the work before it is initiated Identifying International and Domestic Status of New Standards
The development of standards intended for adoption as international standards by the ISO requires special coordination. To assure such coordination needs are considered in the assessment of new work proposals, all proposals for new standards should identiI the intended international or domestic status of the standard
a. Equnalent API and ISO Standard. An Equivalent API and ISO Standard is one that is expected to be published iorldwide by ISO as an ISO Standard and in the US by API as an ISO’ API standard. The development and revision of such standards is to be coordinated with ISO in accordance with Section 5,3, submitted to the ISO and API processes (as necessary), and adopted as both ISO and API standards essentially unchanged
API will maintain effective and ongoing influence in the standards by participation in ISO and the ISO subcommittees and work groups responsible for these standards International involvement by members of the relevant ISO subcommittee or work group in the API organization developing the standard should also occur however, the standard development activity is not to be duplicated in both standards development organizations
b. ISO Standard only An international standard that addresses an area not covered by an API standard and not of sufficient interest to the US petroleum and natural gas industry tobe adopted back as an equivalent ISO/API standard. There may be less need for active API participation in the responsible ISO subcommittee or for significant oversight by an API subcommittee or committee
c. API Standard only Standards such as installation, care-and-handling and similar type documents, which do not fall within the purview of ISO or other national bodies, or standards specific to US operations are unlikely ever to be replaced by ISO or other national documents These standards will be maintained as APi standards only, and no coordination with ISO on such standards is required
5,2.1.5 Assessment of New Work Proposals
Using forms and procedures prescribed by the Executive Committee, each subcommittee shall assess and priontize all new work proposals and justifications developed by its members, subgroups or interested parties, and submit a written report to its parent committee on all subcommittee approved proposals, justifications and priorities Each committee will summan,e new work item reports received from its subcommittees, as part of the committee report to the Executive Commiuee
5.3 Coordination and Adoption of Equivalent API and ISO Standards
The processes related to the adoption of equivalent API and ISO standards (&2. I 4a) and their relation to ISO standards only (52. I 4b) and API standards only standards (5.2 1 4c) are depicted on Chart I. below
5.31 New Standards
The Chairs of the responsible subcommittee and committee shall take the necessary steps to assure adequate international coordination of the standards devdopment process, including submission of API New Work Projects to the ISO New Work Item process, as appropriate ‘I’hey shall coordinate with the applicable ISO subcommittee or work group. and assure appropriate follow-up.


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