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API SPEC 11B:2010 pdf download

API SPEC 11B:2010 pdf download.Specification for Sucker Rods, Polished Rods and Liners, Couplings,Sinker Bars,Polished Rod Clamps,Stuffing Boxes, and Pumping Tees.
rolling overfill
Raised ridges formed during bar rolling.
scab (sliver)
Loose or torn segment of material or debris rolled into the surface of the bar.
Longitudinal discontinuity which can be closed or open, but without metallurgical bonding, which can have the appearance of a straight line, scratch, or small longitudinal separation.
shake test
Perceptible movement of the gauge when rocked back and forth, see Annex 1.6.
shear tools
Straight line pull safety joint release that provides a means of disconnecting the sucker rod string from the pump below the tool.
stabilizer bars
Special pony rod with rod guides, normally used above the pump or between sinker bars.
sinker bar
A steel rod of a specified length, normally in a larger diameter than the sucker rods, provided in standard sizes with
externally threaded ends provided to add weight and stability to the sucker rod string.
stuffing box
Device with accessory sealing elements used in conjunction with the polished rod to facilitate sealing of the well bore.
Internally threaded components with polished rod threads used to connect polished rods, pony rods, sucker rods, or sinker bars, to the subsurface pump, or to each other, where both threads are not of the same size.
sucker rod
Steel or fiber reinforced plastic rod of standard length and diameter with externally threaded ends, typically used for transmitting mechanical power to the subsurface pump.
sucker rod body
Body of the sucker rod or pony rod between the upset tapers.
sucker rod lift
Artificial lift method that lifts fluids (oil, water, condensate and/or gas) from a well with a sucker rod string and sucker rod pump operating in a linear reciprocating mode.
sucker rod rotator
Mechanical device that rotates the sucker rod string to circumferentially distribute sucker rod string wear.
sucker rod string
Assembly of sucker rods, pony rods, polished rod, sinker bars, couplings, sub-couplings and a polished rod clamp, as required, to actuate a subsurface sucker rod pump.
thread flank
Side of the thread between the crest and root of the thread.
total indicator runout (circular)
Total gauge reading as circular part is rotated 360°.
Direction at a right angle to the longitudinal axis.
transverse discontinuity
Discontinuity where the orientation of the long axis of the discontinuity is within plus or minus 30 from the transverse direction and is longer in the transverse direction than in the longitudinal direction.
Portion of the upset forging with a depression (typically insufficient metal) formed during forging.
upset transition
The end of the rod where the rod body diameter increases to the upset bead.
working gauge
Gauge used for direct measurement of product.
4 Symbols, Abbreviations and Gauge List
4.1 Symbols
Symbols used within this specification are defined as follows.
A radius, sucker rod upset, body transition
C radius, sucker rod upset, large diameter
BCI coupling chamfer (see Table C.1 and Figure C.2)
BC2 counter bore depth, sucker rod coupling
BC3 thread chamfer, sucker rod coupling
BC4 counter bore depth, polished rod coupling.


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