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API SPEC 12B:2008 pdf download

API SPEC 12B:2008 pdf download.Specification for Bolted Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids.
4.18 Cleanout Cover Plate
Cover plates for all types of cleanouts shall be of one-piece or two-piece construction: if of the two-piece construction.
the pieces shall be joined by a horizontal lap seam having one row of 1!2.in. bolts on 2-in, centers.
4.19 Inlet and Outlet Connections
Inlet and outlet connections shall conform to the sizes and locations specified on the purchase order.
4.20 Piping Flanges
Piping flanges shall conform to the requirements grven herein, except that If so speofied on the purchase order or If so agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer, alternative types having equivalent strength, tightness, and utility shall be furnished.
4.21 Bolted Piping Flanges
Except as otherwise provided in 4.20, bolted piping flanges shall be attached by bolts or bolt-studs, and shall conform to the following requirements.
a) Flanges shall be furnished in the sizes given in Table 3 as specified on the purchase order, and shall conform to the provisions of Table 3 and Figure 8.
b) The inner flange shall be provided with bolt-head or bolt-stud nut retainers,
C) The length of thread shall conform to the requirements of Table 3. In all other respects the threads shall conform to the requirements of API 6A.
API 2000. The pressure setting should be from 112 to I ozlin,2 less than the openwig pressure of devices used for emergency venting. Annex B is provided as a guide to aid in the selection of venting devices, where required.
5.2 Emergency Venting
When storage tanks containing flammable liquids are exposed to We. the venting rate may be in excess of that resulting from a combination of normal thermal effects and oil movement. Unless tanks are installed in remote locations. the purchaser shall provide, or cause to be provided, pressure relieving devices which will provide capacity in addition to normal venting to meet the requirements tabulated in Table C.I. The opening pressure of such devices shall not exceed the design pressure of the tank on which they are installed. The maximum internal pressure under relieving conditions should not exceed that tabulated in Column 6 of Table C.1. Pressure relieving devices may take the from of larger or additional vent valves, larger or additional thief hatches or deck dome covers (see Figure 5) installed with loose fitting long bolts and suitable gasket so that the dome cover will lift at the required pressure.
NOTE With drainage as uaed in Table C. 1, CoIn, 5. means that flammable or combustible liquids will not be retasied near the tank by dy*es or flrews.
6 ErectIon and Clean Up
Tank staves shall be erected with the male side on the left when facing the outside surface of the stave (see Figure 4).
NOTE The dimensions as specified herein we based on the assumption that most of the stack, due to the difference in bolt and bolt-hole diameters, wil be taken up io all stave pints by slippage when the lank Is indiy filled. The bottom arid deck bolt.-orcte dinters provide for such slippage. At the time of erection, some plrwlng of the vertical stave joints will be required to bring the bolt holes mta allgnmenl
Upon completion of erection, the erector shall remove or dispose of all rubbish and other unsightly material caused by erecting operations and shall leave the premises In as good condition, as found.
7 Marking
Tanks manufactsed In conformance with this specification shall be identified by a nameptate bearing, as a minimum, the information shown in Figure 12.


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