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API SPEC 2H:2007 pdf download

API SPEC 2H:2007 pdf download.Specification for Carbon Manganese Steel Plate for Offshore Structures.
S12.3 If one specimen fails (“Breaks”) on any plate tested, retests may be made as follows:
a. Retest two additional specimens from each plate for which a specimen failed. [ach of these two retest specimens must pass (“No Break”).
h. If any of the specimens fail upon retest. the heat shall not be accepted without reheat treatment and repealing the tensile. Charpy V-notch impact. and drop-weight tests.
S13 Surface Quality
For applications where surface quality is considered critical, plates are to he furnished in the blasted and inspected conditions. The depth of rolled-in scale or clusters of pits shall not exceed 0.015 in. (0.381 miii) and shall not result in an undergage condition. However. isolated individual pits not over 0.030 in. (0.762 mm) deep are acceptable provided that the plate thickness is not reduced below the specified minimum. Other surface imperfections such as tears, seams, snakes, blisters, scabs, etc. are not acceptable and must be conditioned without reducing the thickness below minimum. The surface imperfections may he removed by grinding provided each gmwd area is well faired and grinding does not reduce the thickness of the plate below minimum.
S14 Thickness Tolerance
By agreement between purchaser and supplier, plates shall be furnished to 112 standard over tolerance for thickness shown in ASThI A6/A6M,
The API Monogram Program allows an API Licensee to apply the API Monogram to products. The use of the Monogram on products constitutes a representation and warranty by the Licensee to purchasers of the products that, on the date indicated, the products were produced in accordance with a verified quality management system and in accordance with an API product spedtication. The API Monogram Program delivers significant value to the international oil and gas industry by linking the verification of an organiiation’s quality management system with the demonstrated ability to meet specific product specification requirements.
When used in conjunction with the requirements of the API License Agreement, API Specification QI defines the requirements for those organizations who wish to voluntarily obtain an API License to provide API monogrammed products in accordance with an API product specification.
API Monogram Program Licenses are issued only after an on-site audit has verified that the Licensee conforms to the requirements described in API Specification QI in total.
For information on becoming an API Monogram Licensee, please contact API, Certification Programs. 1220 L Street. N. W.. Washington, DC 20005 or call 202-682-X0(X) or by email at qua1ityapi.org.


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