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API SPEC 7NRV:2006 pdf download

API SPEC 7NRV:2006 pdf download.Specification for Drill String Non-return Valves.
6.5.1 Sampling procedures, and the basis for acceptance or rejection of a hatch lot, shall he in accordance with ISO 21691 general inspection level II at a 2,5 AQL for 0-rings and a 1.5 AQL for other packing elements until a documented variation history can be establishecf Sampling procedures shall then he established based on the documented variation history.
6.5.2 Visual inspection of 0-rings shall he in accordance with ISO Ms013. Other packing elemenis shall he visually inspected in accordance with the manufacturer’s documented spec ii.cations.
6-5-3 Dimensional tolerances of 0-rings shall he in accordance with ISO 34’ifll I or equivalent. Other packing elements shall meet dimensional tolerances of the manufacturer’s written specifications.
6.5.4 The durometer hardness of 0rings or other elastonieric packing elements shall be detemtined in accordance with ASTM
02244) or 01415. A test specittten manufactured front each hatch may be used.
All traceable components. except elastomeric seals, shall he dimensionally inspected to assure proper function and compliance with design specifications and drawings.
6.7.1 All API rotary shouldered-thread tolerances, inspection requirements, gauging. gauging practice. gauge calibration and gauge cettiftcation shall he in accordance with API Spec 7.
6.7.2 All other thread tolerances, inspection requirements, gauging. gauging practice. gauge calibration and gauge certification shall conform to the specified thread manufacturer’s written specifications.
6.5.1 Welding and brazing procedure and personnel qualification shall he in accordance with ASME BnilerwidPrrssurr Vessel Code Section IX.
6.52 Material and practices not listed in ASMF. Boiler and Pn-tunr Wssel Code Section IX shall be applied using welding procedures qualified in accordance with the methods of ASME Boiler and Pn’.ssun’ Vessel Cock Section IX.
6.8.3 Each welded cotuponent shall be stress-relieved as per the manufacturer’s written specifications and. where applicable, in
accordance with Paragraphs UCSS6 and UHA32. Section VIII. Division I. Sub’.ection C, ASME Boiler and Pn’,sswr Vessel
Ccsk. In additioct, carbon and low-alloy steel weldments on Class 2 NRV equipment shall be stress-relieved in accordance with
NACE MROI75and ISO 15156.
6.9.1 Furnace calibration
Heat treatment of production pats shall be performed with heat treatment equipment that has been calibrated and surveyed.
Each furnace shall he surveyed within one year wn to heat treatment operations. When a furnace is repaired or rebuilt, a new survey shall he carned out hefotr heat treatment.
Hatch-type and continuous-type heat treatment furnaces shall he calibrated in accordance with one of the following procedures:
a. the procedure specified in MILH&lt75H. Section 5;
b. the prix-edure specified in 85 IM 54:1991, Section 7;
c. the manufacturer’s wnnen specifications, including acceptance criteria which are not less stringent than the procedures identified above.
6-92 Instruments
Automatic controlling and recording instruments shall be used.
Thermocouples shall be located in the furnace working ,one4s) and protected from furnace atmospheres.
6.12.1 Inspection personnel, supervisors, and customer representatives shall be trained and qualified in the individual NDEmethod inspection and the application of the applicable acceptance and rejection criteria in accordance with the reference docu-ments mentioned in this procedure.
6.12.2 Reference documents mentioned in this procedure shall be available to inspection personnel, supervisors, and customerrepresentatives as necessary, for the proper application of the appropriate inspection technique,discontinuity evaluation andproper disposition of the component under investigation.
6.12.3 All NDE instructions and inspection mthods used within this procedure shall be approved by an authorized NDE Levellll and shall have demonstrated method capabilities of providing 100% inspection coverage of the area under investigation inaccordance with the inspection companics standard opcrating procedure(SOP0.
6.12.4 All pressure-containing welds shall be magnetic-particle inspected for surface defects and shall be volumetricallyinspected by radiographic or ultrasonic techniques to verily conformance with the manufacturer ‘s written specifications.
6.12.5 For Class 2 all pressure-containing castings and forgings shall be magnetic-particle inspected for surface defects andshall be volumetrically inspected by radiographic or ultrasonic techniques to verify conformance with the manufacturer’s writtenspecifications. The manufacturer may develop AQL inspection levels based on documented variation history as required by appli-cation or uscr.
6.12.6 NDE methods and acceptance criteria are as follows: magnetic-particle examination
i. Method-ASTM E709.


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